Weekly Schedule

Week 1 (Sept. 7 & 9)
Week 2 (Sept. 14 & 16)
Week 3 ( Sept. 21 & 23)
  • Discussion of readings
  • More computer vision:
    • optical flow
  • More Tidalcycles
  • Assignments:
Week 4 (Sept.  28 &  30)
Week 5 (Oct. 5 & 7)
  • Introduction to Teensy & Arduino
  • Assignments:
    • Video Technical Lessons:
    • Exercise – due Mon., Oct. 12th (post on blog before class on Mon.): Using the prop shield and/or capacitive touch, use the entire body to control tidalcycles (make new tidal scripts). Focus on making the interaction and result of the interaction very clear to someone watching the video. Don’t just hold the prop shield. Attach it with cloth, a belt, rubberbands, or some other way to your body. Also, try to be consciously aware of the relationship between you, your body, your mind, the sounds, and the technology.
Week 6 (Oct. 12 & 14)
  • Group 1 to share researched artwork
  • Grideye thermal camera
  • Human presence sensor
  • Assignments:
    • Video Technical Lesson:
    • Exercises – due Mon., Oct. 26 (post documentation on blog before class on Mon.): Use the grid eye thermal camera and layer up as many tidal scripts as you can, turning them on and off via the 64 squares frm the grid eye. Use your whole body. Try to make it clear (in the beginning at least), what you are triggering.
    • Readings – due Mon, Oct. 26 (post response on blog before class on Mon.): What is Somatics?
Week 6.5 (Oct. 18, Sunday, Legislative day – classes meet on Wednesday schedule)
Week 7 (Oct. 26 & 28)
Week 8 (Nov. 2 & 4)
  • Creating Visuals:
    • Moving further – more Shaders!
  • Assignments:
    • Video Technical Lesson:
    • Exercise – due Mon. Nov. 9th (post documentation on blog before class on Mon.): Simular to last week but more in depth: really focus on bringing your life INTO the visuals you make (incorporating your body), and thus bringing LIFE to the visuals. What connections, feelings, experiences, thoughts, etc. can breath and be expressed with and thru the visuals you make.
    • Reading (listening) – due Mon, Nov. 9th (post response on blog before class on Mon.): Listen to A Brief History of Everything, Chap. 1, Ken Wilbur
    • Prepare Presentation (group three – Suzan S. & Debbie) – Kimchi & Chips (Mimi Son & Elliot Woods) Due Nov. 16
Week 9 (Nov. 9 & 11)
  • Group 2 (Alia and Omar) to share researched artwork
  • More Shaders!
  • Assignments:

    • Video Technical Lessons:
    • Exercise – due Mon. Nov. 16th (post documentation on blog before class on Mon.): Write down as long a list of holons in your life as you can. Use this list as structure for creating. Holistically combine sounds and visuals together using Tidal and shaders. Be creative!
    • Prepare Presentation (group three)
    • Production – due Mon. Nov. 16th (post documentation on blog before class on Mon.): You may work on your own or in pairs for your final. Start work on the final, come up with a concept and direction to move forward with. You should have a detailed idea conceptually as well as concretely (what you will actually make), experimenting with creating things is a valid way of brainstorming.
      • FINAL: It can be a performance, an interactive installation, and/or an interactive intervention in public space (or all of the above, as we have learned, these three are not necessarily separate from each other). The body should be central to what you create and the emphasis of the piece is on connection and expression through video streaming during Covid-19. Please limit your “event” to 3 minutes. It should use some sort of interactive technology, as well as tasteful and appropriate use of sounds and visuals.  Build upon and utilize elements from all the sketches you have done this semester. The grading rubric will be:
        • 25% Use of Body: demonstrates critical thought about the human form in the context of art and technology; centrally integrates body in art work
        • 25% Clarity & Consistency: has clear, effective experiences for performers and audience members; works every time as planned; effectively uses computational algorithms to deal with unpredictable data to achieve reliable and consistent results
        • 25% Creativity: expressively connects one’s own experience of life to others; includes tasteful and appropriate use of sounds and visuals; conceptually well thought out and relevant
        • 25% Technology use: competently uses sensors with a micro controller and/or computer vision techniques to track the human body in various ways, makes successful use of visual and audio generation techniques, streams online
Week 10 (Nov. 16 & 18)
  • Group 3 (Suzan S. & Debbie) to share researched artwork
  • More Tidal
    • Composing Multi-Part Patterns
    • Transitions
  • Creating Visuals:
    • Bodypix
    • Posenet w/ shaders
    • Multiple shaders at the same time
  •  Assignments:
Week 11 (Nov. 23 & 25)
Week 12 (Nov. 30 only , NO CLASS on Dec. 2)
  • Dress rehearsals: stream events
  • Final Project is Due WED. DEC. 9!!
Week 13 (Dec. 7 & 9)
  • Final project due!
  • Event date/time TBD