IM Showcase – Current Progress

Woodshop Sketches, Meeting, and Plan

I met with the Daniel from the Woodshop.

Using CNC machine. Will probably cut radius of larger platform to 120 cm diameter from 180 cm because of plywood size. The larger option would require the structure to be cut from two plywood section and then fastened together.

Supporting structure to be constructed from soft wood (cut using conventional tools).

Platforms to be constructed from plywood (cut using CNC).

Platforms and Support Structure connected with screws.

Next step: clarify sketches and make changes. Could be assembled in “a few hours.”




Circle and sections Coded.

Kinect coded (on top of circle).

Code can be found here:

Kinect can track individuals using Average Point Tracking.

Sound is triggered from one section by routing it to Pianoteq 6.