Midterm Update & User Testing

Some issues of the projects are fixed since the last update.

  • Part of the projection cutoff (FIXED)

Due to technical concerns, the projection only casts on the upper square space of the bounding box of the body.

Now it is fixed by code. (Latest images to be uploaded)

  • Split face Effect

The face will split up as the hands move farther from the center of the interaction area.

  • Installation on Location

The bright lighting condition in the arts center makes it difficult to show the projection clearly. The project is finally located under the stairs close to the equipment center to have a darker space and a better visibility of the project.

The power cable running across the hall is also taped onto the ground for safety reasons.

  • User Testing
    • User 1

The User 1 loved it when the face splits and come back together as her both hands touch each other. She suggested that this specific interaction should have clear instructions for the audience to follow, like arrows or moving figures of the palm.

  • Project Description (working)

The name of the project settled down as “Captured Distorted”.

Captured Distorted is an interactive installation powered by projection mapping and OpenCV facial recognition. The project explores a new way for the audience to look at themselves. The real-time image of the audience’s face will be projected on their hands and arms while moving in the interaction area. The face splits and duplicates into many ones as on their body as it tracks its motion. Only when the audience put both hands in the center as one whole piece, the face will appear in its single form. The uncanny yet intimate feeling from texturizing the face on the body is the core experience of Captured Distorted.