Final Performance Proposal: 囚/Imprison


Based on my experience of tracking and noting down daily emotions/word of the day, I’m surprised to see how many times I have doubted or even denied myself, for any reason, in so many different situations. These thoughts, these self-judgments, are shaping and constraining my mind, making me who I am. Among all the self-evaluation, the negative ones are actually blocking me from what I want to achieve. I value my every single feeling, thus I want to express them through this final project.

Concept Development

Those boundaries we build for ourselves are strongly rooted in our mind and influencing our lives. How does it feel when you really want to achieve something but your mind keeps telling you “no, you can’t”? What will you decide in the end? Give up, or give it a try?

We live, we struggle, we sometimes cannot get out of our mindset bubbles, we sometimes may not even be aware of all the above. In my final project, I want to visualize those negative mindsets/self-evaluation, showing how bad we are struggling and how hard it is to get rid of them. I want people to care more and be able to tell about their feelings, and eventually have a better understanding of themselves. What indeed is going on in my mind?


Kinect*1; Projector*1; Semi-transparent Fabric

How It Works

*Audience and the Performer are on different sides of the screen.

Performer trying to get out of the bubble, with small movements. Shape (human body outline) changes according to the performer’s movement.

There appears one opening on the bubble when the performer has bigger and more intense movements (may also consider a scream as a trigger). Once the opening appears, the negative thoughts/self-evaluation start to drop on the bubble and cover the opening.

Eventually, the performer won’t be able to get herself out of it.