Final Project Proposal: Color Wheeling


The initial idea is inspired by the color scheme generating interfaces. There is a sort of similarity between the color pointers and the physical arms. This project is meant to be a bridge between motions and colors to present a sense of inherent connection between the interactions of the human body and of colors.

Adobe Color CC


The performer on the stage will interact with the giant projection behind him/her. The playground is a particle system associated with colors. Particles with colors, like splashed inks, generating from pointed positions. Such particles will blend together when collided with their colors blended also. For the performer, there are two major means of interaction — motion and voice.


The spreading and gathering of the arms (maybe the head and legs also if feasible) will affect the orientation and radius of the selection points. That is, the hue of the color depends on the orientation of the segments of the body, and the brightness depends on the degree of extension of the body. The saturation might depend on the speed of movements, but there are lots of possibilities left for exploration during the implementation.


My current thought on incorporate voice is to control the color wheel. The pitch and loudness can be used to somehow control the rotation and scaling of the color wheel, which is the exact movement of “Color Wheeling”.


For aesthetic concerns of the performance, instead of giving the performer the direct control over the color scheme, some common color schemes might be hard-wired into the algorithm to support the narration of exploring the interaction of colors.


Kinect * 1,

Projector * 1,

Laptop * 1.