Week 3: Optical Flow

I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting more with TidalCycles this week, and using different functions to create even stranger and more organic music. I particularly liked the ‘somecyclesBy’ function, as it made the sounds play at more random times, meaning I did not get bored of the music, since each time I was hearing something slightly different.

I also really enjoyed experimenting with Optical Flow. It is very interesting how I can use my body to control how the fast or loud the sounds are. The sounds that I created were very strange together, especially with the optical flow. It was quite difficult to get my body to coordinate with the object on the screen because the camera flipped my movements. But it was fun nonetheless! I played two sounds at the same time: one was controlled by the movement of the markers on the x-axis, while the other sound was controlled by the position of the marker.

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Optical Flow”

  1. This was really interestng ! I felt like my brain couldnt piece together which movement resulted in which sound, but I still really enjoyed the sounds you used !

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