Week 5: Teensy and Prop Shield

This was a really fun assignment for me. I didnt have too many bugs or obstacles, and really liked how the sounds played in together. (I would say its one of the most ones that ‘worked for my ear.’ I found i so entertaining to keep playing (with the touch readers especially, i felt like an offbrand DJ).

Initially, I had a hard time getting Tidal Cycles to play from the Prop Shield. Thanks to Aaron, he helped me reboot atom and Tidal Cycles and got it working. Making the sounds was so fun. When I was watching this weeks’ videos, I heard the exact sounds I wanted to piece together (it was like my music stars aligned) and i was so happy how it turned out.

After I got that, I wanted to challenge myself a little, and add two touchHandles to the propshield. It didnt take me too long to figure it out, and i quickly found sounds i thought matched it. Then I had (a lot of ) fun playing with that:

Prop Shield and Touch Readers

Unfortunately, I found that when I connected the touch Reader, the detection of the prop shield was really slow, and lagged a lot. I couldn’t hear the change in sounds as nicely as I wanted, so I also did a take without the touch readers.

I tied the prop shield to my wrist with a scrunchie, and as you can see, I also had a lot of fun with this, and started doing a tiktok dance at the end to see what kind of sounds that dance would make.

Prop Shield Only

3 thoughts on “Week 5: Teensy and Prop Shield”

  1. Your first video with the sounds is really really nice, the one with Prop Shield and Touch Readers. I liked the second one too but the first one is more interactive.

  2. How did you add the video of yourself on the upper right corner? Is it an app? Did you record both separately?

    1. actually, I just started a zoom meeting with myself, and left the screen so a little video appeared, and then screen recorded !

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