Week 5: Prop Shield

I’ve noticed that every time I go through the built-in sounds and beats to try them out, I end up choosing sounds for like a movie scene rather than a dance scene.

I imagine a situation and I apply the sounds accordingly. For this assignment, I pretended that it is a scene from a haunted house where the sound increases if you get closer to a room and decreases when you move away. The third sound I had, for the heading, would speed up and slow down, this was my way of trying to make it more suspenseful.

The Haunted House – working with Prop Shield.

The first half of the video shows all three sounds played at the same time and the different combinations that can occur. The second half displays each sound separately to know which one is doing what exactly.

I found the calibration on MotionCal very interesting for some reason so I wanted to attach an image of it below haha.

I am still having trouble figuring out how to use the internal mic from the laptop rather than the whole MacBook with the external sounds. The trial I did ended up not recording sound at all so I need help in that.

I also wanted to make it more interactive by showing what I am doing but I didn’t know how we can add a video of ourselves and display it at the same time. I tried using my phone to record but still couldn’t add the recording of myself to the screen-recording.

3 thoughts on “Week 5: Prop Shield”

  1. Love the fact that you had a theme ! So cool ! I also feel like this could be a really interesting prank haha

  2. I really liked the sounds that you used to create this theme! It really does sound like something that would be in a horror movie

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