Week 6: GridEye Sensor

Final GridEye video

I start the video showcasing each block and their respective sound. Funnily enough, this was the most frustrating part of the process. I took 11 (yes I counted) videos, and struggled to find and trigger each sound. I kept re-taping the sensor on my screen to different positions, so I was able to trigger them all. Sometimes I was too short to trigger the high ones, sometimes I couldn’t squat long enough to trigger the ones on the bottom. If I moved further back I wouldn’t trigger anything, and if I moved closer I would trigger too much at once.

My setup: I taped it to the screen of my Mac. Yes it fell a few times. I think its okay though.

I didn’t know that Tidal only read up to 9 sounds, (d10, and d11 wouldn’t work). So although I wanted to layer more sounds, I had to settle for 9. I picked a mashup of convenient positions, as well as positions all around the grid, so that even when I was recording, I would often find I sound that I had forgotten about. This was fun to play around with, but by the 11th video, I had heard the sounds too much.

I expected the GridEye to be able to read from further distances, but when I was further it didn’t trigger much. I also experimented with a candle, and a match, and to my surprise, once there was a small distance, the sensor barely read it. The sensor also only read my forehead, and nothing else in my body, from where I was standing, and I found that interesting.

Overall I still am amazed by how powerful a tiny square could be, and think about the many possibilities of what I could do with it.

3 thoughts on “Week 6: GridEye Sensor”

  1. I like how you made it very clear what sounds you were triggering each time. I also really liked the sounds that you used; even though each one was triggered separately, it sounded like one body of music especially at the beginning.

    1. I also agree with Deborah, the sounds you picked out all flow together and you made it very clear which sounds you were triggering at the beginning.

  2. Very nice Suzan! Agreed with the others. Nice job with really exploring the sounds and the layout. Maybe if you come from the side closer to the camera for the ones at the top?

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