Week Sheish (6): Dancing to the heat

So this assignment was super fun and easy to do. The setup was very simple and I had fun doing it. So as usual I tried my own tidal scripts but I really loved the vibe the one Aaron made from last week had. The vibe of the ‘mix’ in that was very funky and fresh and sort of energizing, so I decided I wanted to use that tidal script. I edited it and added a bit of a more chaotic sound to it as well.

The goal of this exercise was to communicate with Tidal and use the grideye to make sounds with our bodies, so obviously obviously I danced :). While testing the setup, I had an idea, why not the music gets louder the faster I move as well as if the temperature increases. I edited the sketch and added this change that I wanted. The heat check was very simple, I simply had an extra array that would keep the previous temperatures and on the execution of the function (whenever there was a new message from the server .i.e from Teensy) it would simply compare the values in each grid and if the temperature had increased to simply multiple the average and temperature values by a very small constant each time. This new value would be sent to the Tidal script and change the gain values I referred to with cf0.

The more I would dance would mean the hotter I would get and it would be a feedback loop. The faster I moved section didnt work as much as I had hoped it would but the result, even though different was still fun! In my mistake of setting the previous temps in the wrong line, I ended up making the value that was sent to Tidal be out of range which lead to the sample being distored because of the invalid gain at certain points in time. I really liked the oddity of the sound and decided to keep it.

2 thoughts on “Week Sheish (6): Dancing to the heat”

  1. Your idea of the feedback loop of the dancing body heating up is really good! Might be an interesting installation in a club with the this feedback loop enhancing the general vibe even more.

  2. Loved your cocept! Really taking the extra step to add this temperature function adds a lot of possibilities! Its really interesting to see it speed up the more you dance, (probably kind of intense dance session though, if the music speeds up the more u do it). Also found it really cool how you could trigger the whole grid at the same time, I found that difficult to do.

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