Week 6: Grid Eye Thermal Camera

This has probably been one of the most interesting assignments for me so far, with the implementation of visuals and the flow of the color changes with the emergence of sound.

With the current common use of thermal cameras all around us due to the coronavirus situation, the possibilities seem to be endless in terms of taking such temperatures and of people and introduce interactive experiences.

Initially, I tried changing up the colors to try to make the block colors different and the changes of different shades, however, the program would not run on the browser when I did that. I tried to understand a few lines of the code to see if I could figure it out but I couldn’t.

I had the chance to explore a huge number of sounds for this assignment and gathered some that would fit together and sound good.

This is my experimental use of the thermal sensor/camera.

The video was a bit difficult to make as I tried to trigger the different sound areas separately when I was physically moving but it was easier for me to just use my hand and stay away from the sensor for the individual sounds and then use my whole body.

My main focuses here were close to block 0 and block 56. The goal was to present a landscape where the area close to block 56 is that of a childcare service or kids playing with pebbles and toys whereas the area closer to block 0 was a party for adults.

The right side of the screen was not my focus and I noticed after finishing the recording that I set up block 27 with a sound instead of block 7. Block 63 was a back to reality type of space where it seems to be a timer about to go off, maybe for the part and maybe for the kids.

I also moved in a way to trigger the sounds of the different areas combined as if it was a bird view of all of what was going on at the same time, as I also showcased all of the sounds at the same time as well.

4 thoughts on “Week 6: Grid Eye Thermal Camera”

  1. I really liked the sound choices! Also I agree with Susanne on the one that reminds me of the lullaby, I feel like you could mix it with Susanne’s old haunted sounds version and slow it down to sound like a really creepy night sound.

  2. I love the idea of different areas triggering completely different sounds as if there were two different parties!

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