Week 7: Shaders

For this assignment, I decided to combine the elements I liked from the “Mask blur threshold” visual as well as “Shader Intro”.

When I was watching the lecture, the most intriguing sample for me was the “Shader Intro” one when the background color was a gradient, so I decided to use this color and add it to the “Mask blur threshold” sample and add my own video to it.

The video I uploaded on the sketch was one of my friends and I on a ride in IMG Worlds, an indoor amusement park in Dubai. I chose it because it’s a fun video that I wouldn’t mind rewatching and the colors of it went along with the gradient. I also added a fun sound that felt colorful to me.

This is the recording of me and the combined sketches:

While recording, I tried to match the sound, movement of the mouse (what shows on the screen from the video I uploaded), and my movements altogether. The video from IMG had some lights on the ride and so they also matched the gradient colors. I felt like, overall, the song as well as the video went smoothly.

I also had to retake the video a few times because there were often objects in the background that weren’t substituted until I found the perfect spot where I set my camera screen backward.

Something I found surprising, however, was that my shoulders didn’t show, I was wearing a cold shoulder top and so the camera did not recognize that it was the rest of my arm, even though my arms were recognized and they are the same color.

One thought on “Week 7: Shaders”

  1. I really enjoyed this, it felt like a production! I am not sure if this was intentional but the lights that shined from the bottom of the ride that came onto your outline looked really interesting, almost like it was changing the contour. Also wondering why you chose this specific song, does it have meaning? In general I liked the vibe, kind of ‘crazy,’ ‘hectic’, and a little wild (much like the ride).

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