Week 9: Shaders

Starting this week’s assignment was hectic. I was experiencing so many issues to do with MIDI on my window’s laptop, which meant I couldn’t even start the assignment for so long. But luckily, I was able to receive my Macbook that I ordered, meaning I could start the assignment. But it wasn’t such a smooth ride after this, as I had several errors when I tried to import the shader from shadertoy onto atom. Eventually, after Aaron helped me out, I was able to do so successfully and start coding. Anways, here’s my list of holons:

Child, childhood, toys, legos, games, music, Ariana Grande, pop, dance, exercise, pain etc. The list could go on and on.

I noticed that a lot of the holons I came up with had something to do with childhood. Hence, with this assignment, I wanted to capture this idea through sounds and visuals. I used the ‘Terrible Console Webcam’ shader from shadertoy, because I really like how it looks. Here is a picture of how the shader looked initially:

To make the shader represent childhood more, I wanted to make myself look like a lego, since this is a common toy that we all used to play with as children. So, I proceeded to change the colors and make the pixel size larger. I also made some other changes to change the overall look so it suits my idea more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to successfully use midi to trigger sounds, so my assignment only consists of visuals. Ideally, I have loved to use sounds from one of my previous Tidal assignments, where I combined different sounds of toys and the alphabet to accompany this assignment. But hopefully I can find my mistake soon. Here’s the final video:

Hopefully you can spot me in the video lol! I’m the red thing that’s moving side to side.

4 thoughts on “Week 9: Shaders”

  1. This is a really cool shader and makes me think of those pixel computer games of the early days so it works well with your holons around childhood and Lego! The sound you describe also seems to go well with this seem. Did you already have an idea how you want to trigger/influence it through your movement/the shader?

  2. The idea of this is very interesting, as well as the fact that it would apply to the current covid situation where a webcam wouldn’t be as good for someone or the wifi would lag. Even though it is not the same thing you are trying to portray, I feel like this connection could be made, where someone’s visual image would be unclear and sometimes there is nothing to do about it.

  3. Add this line to setup: pixelDensity(1); This is needed to make yourself be the right size on screen for a high density display like the mac has: https://p5js.org/reference/#/p5/pixelDensity Regarding sound, the idea wasn’t to control sound via midi, but generate sound like you normally do in tidal but ALSO generate midi that will changes the visuals in p5js.

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