Week 11: Final Progress

Edit: During class, Aaron and I talked about the idea of bringing the shader effect live into a Zoom meeting which would place the piece in a context unexpected by others, surprising, maybe prompting reflection but also allowing to amplify my own mental state through the visual effect.

• • •

This week, I asked more friends for their thoughts on ‘connecting through Zoom’ and gathered some interesting ideas on the role of our body in making virtual connections and the role of the mental/physical space we find ourselves in while trying to connect virtually.

One person talked about how they considered the interpersonal relation and the content of their conversation more relevant to connecting than their physicality which is an important perspective since many facilitators prefer cameras on as first step to “connecting”.

Another person talked about the difficulties of entering different mental spaces while remaining in the same physical space which sometimes also made it difficult to connect virtually. This goes a bit off topic to the role of the physical body in connections though it relates to our mind.

My piece will be interactive in the process but less so in the final outcome as it is more a way of artistic research and presentation. Those who watch the final video will not be able to interact with the shader but are invited to reflect on their own experience prompted by the different ideas voiced in the piece.

I am currently editing the shader I want to use and mainly exploring how my body can represent different ideas voiced. I will record and then bring everything together using FinalCut.

Here is a sketch of what I envision the final video to look like:

Very rough sketch of my visual vision.