Week 11: Final Progress

This week, I focused on how I would implement my final project. I initially planned to use GridEye to detect my location in my room. Then Professor suggested that I use body pix and blob detection. However, this would make my computer go very slow. After more brainstorming, I decided that I would use frame differencing instead to implement my idea. I would split my room into four sections, and each section will have its own shader and its corresponding sound that will be triggered when I move in each section. This week, I focused on choosing the appropriate shaders, and making sure they work on atom. I got several errors, but after spending hours on google, and asking Professor for help, I was able to fix these errors and successfully implement the shaders on atom. Moving forward, I will focus on creating the sounds using TidalCycles, then using frame differencing to tie everything together. I look forward to seeing how everything turns out in the end!