Using Git

Git is a powerful way to manage code, and we’ll use only a tiny bit of its power to update the weekly examples folder on our computers. It’s super easy.

First, make sure you have git installed on your computer:

Then, we’re going to clone the repo. You only have to do this once: git clone

Now, each time we want to update our examples we just need to do the following:

First, we need to switch to our examples folder via the command line. We use cd to change directory. For example, depending on where you put the folder, you could: cd /Users/aaronsherwood/Documents/nyuadSpring2017-sensorsbodymotion/

Make sure you keep your project work in a different folder, because we will overwrite this example folder every week. We won’t completely erase it though, if you do happen to put something in there. We’re going to stash it away. Again, make sure you’re in the proper directory on the command line (our main folder), then do: git stash

Finally we’ll get whatever is new on the remote repository: git pull

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